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The E.A. Smith group has merged the wholly owned subsidiary Smith Stål Øst AS into the parent company E.A.Smith AS. The merger takes place with effect from July 2012.

One of the primary objectives of the merger is to simplify and streamline the corporate structure of the E.A. Smith group.

After the merger, Smith Stål Øst will no longer exist as separate legal entity, but will remain an independent department in the E.A.Smith group.

For our customers, suppliers and other partners, we would like to emphasize that the merger will not have any significant consequences beyond the purely formal/legal changes. Smith Stål Øst will keep the same responsibilities and authority as before, and will maintain a strong focus on following up our customers and other partners in a manner at least as good as before.

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Any questions related to the merger can be directed to

  • Mr Harald Reinertsen
    Director E.A. Smith AS avd. Smith Stål Øst
    e-mail: , Tel: + 47 33 37 25 22