Regulated land for residential development in Kristiansund

Jutvika Utvikling AS is considering the sale of area B6 under the regulatory plan for Jutvika in Innlandet, Norway. Area B6 constitutes a plot of land of approximately 1,913 sqm. The area was regulated for residential/low-rise buildings in 2007.


The area can be developed with a two-story apartment building + underground parking.

Max. 30% BYA, and should be designed for steep terrain.


Optimal location by the coast, overlooking the sea, on the southern tip of Innlandet.

Walking distance to the beach, school and kindergarten, and in close proximity to grocery stores, cafés and restaurants.

Cadastral information

Municipality number: 1505

Farm no. 2

Usage no: 632

Sørsundveien, 6507 Kristiansund N


The ad on FINN:

FINN-code 175797630
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