E.A. Smith's real estate department generates value through the management and development of real estate, and as a service provider and resource hub for other business areas in the E.A. Smith Group.


Our properties consist of commercial buildings and residential projects.

The real estate assets owned by E.A. Smith AS and its associated companies have an insurance value of approximately NOK 1.6 billion.

The main focus of the property department is on real estate development and land acquisition for our core business activities, as well as the rental and management of existing properties. Our property projects range from new constructions and additions to full scale redevelopments.

Property development projects

Our projects consist of:

  • Acquisition of properties suitable for development
  • Development of existing properties in the E.A Smith Group
  • Building permits and regulatory affairs
  • Sales
  • Construction

Projects within the cabin/residential segment are carried out independently or in collaboration with clients, partners and advisers.

We can assist customers with land acquisition and offer complete solutions for houses and cabins through our self-owned company, HIBA Hus.


Bjørn Arve Haugen

Head of Legal Affairs & General Counsel

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Joar Sneen

Property Developer

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