Presentation in English

EA Smith

  • Family owned company established i 1869 by Elias Anton Smith, not listed on the Stock Exchange.
  • Head office in Trondheim. Nationwide with approximately 40 locations.
  • Nearly 500 employees and turnover of NOK 2,7 billion in 2015.
  • Complete supplier of steel, metals, reinforcement, building materials and timber products.

E.A.Smith Brand and realestate

A long-term and reliable business companion

  • E.A.Smith has achived considerable growth during the past 10 years, and has today a major national position.
  • E.A.Smith emphasizes the importance of being a long-term, reliable and professional market operator.
  • E.A.Smith focuses on long-term sound profitability within it's business areas
  • E.A. Smith has for the past 10 years achived a good profitability, despite a challenging economic situastion in recent years in the industry.

A financial strong and solid partner

  • E.A.Smith stands today with good liquidity and a solid financial basis.
  • E.A.Smith emphasizes a long-term and solid financial structure as a basis for the company's business
  • E.A. Smith owns a substantial property portfolio. Real value not fully reflected in the financial statements due to accounting principles applied (historic cost).
  • E.A.Smith inventories ar NOT pledged as security for debt.