E.A.Smith has achived considerable growth during the past 10 years, and has today a major national position.

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Company Highlights

Family owned company founded in 1869, headquartered in Trondheim with countrywide presence

Owns and Operates:

  • Bygger’nchain of stores (47 owned, 48 franchised)
  • Smith Stål, leading stockist and distributor of value added steel and metals including own SSC
  • HIBA HUS architects and housing concept
  • 2 factories for industrial prefabrication
  • Considerable property portfolio housing the vast majority of shops and plants

Headline Figures

  • 3.2BnNOK turnover, 111MNOK EBITDA, profitable 19 of out the last 20 years
  • c. 500mNOK Equity (book value of property portfolio)
  • c. 700 employees / c. 550 FTEs
  • Operated on a single ERP platform


Our values are developed and formulated with the input of all staff in order to guide how the we conduct our business.

We are responsible to each other, our customers, suppliers, enviormentand community. We stand by our promises and are responsible for doing what has been agreed.

The quality of our work says something about who we are as individual and organisation. We theereforeassume responsibility for our tasks and pride in the service we perform.

We are allwaysavailabefor our customers and each other. We will make ourselves available to be a positive force for shaping strong local communities where we opperate

We are engaged in what we deliver, our tasks and those we meet. We work as a single team and all engage in innovation to explore how we van make eachotherbetter

Geographical Presence

  • 95 Hardware stores throughout the country
  • 14 stock points and plants for steel and metals with central warehouses in and around the 4 largest cities Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger
  • 2 prefabrication plants for wooden walls and precutwood (Meldal, Ørsta)

Products and Services: Building Materials


  • 47 EAS owned and operated warehouses
  • Complete in stock selection of timber, tools, heavy building materials
  • Skilled staff at each warehouse dedicated to serve the professional builders segment with 24 hour local delivery
  • Popular E-commerce channel for both B2C and B2B
  • Total franchise turnover 3,6BnNOK (5th largest) and leading procurement alliance with Nr. 4 player


  • Housing concept with 30 builders and c. 300 units produced per year
  • Standardised house, cabin and garage «off the shelf» concept
  • All licences and approvals obtained by trained architects

Lindal Smith Element (LSE)

  • Industrial production of prefabricated walls, roofs, section dividers

Products and Services: Steel, Metals and Rebar


Top 2 player with complete nationwide offering of all rebar solutions with an annual single shift capacity of 90k tonnes

  • Cut and bend
  • Standard and special mesh
  • Carpet reinforcement
  • Rebar accessories
  • Industrial prefabrication of columns, baskets etc.
  • BIM integration and digital bending schedules
  • Nationwide delivery

Extensive, state of the art machinery and infrastructure with 22 automatomaticbenders, 11 cutters, and 38 other machines (carpet rebar, curve benders etc.)

Steel and metals

Top 3 player as stockist with complete stock of beams, hollowsections, pipes, plates, bars supplying industry, builders and offshore segment

  • Central metals stock with aluminium, copper and stainless steel
  • Steel service centerfor cutting and slitting
  • 4 robotic stock management systems (kasto)
  • 3 shotblastand paint plants
  • Plate cutting table and multiple steel saws
  • Nationwide delivery